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Renaissance Graphic Arts, Inc. 69 Steamwhistle Drive, Ivyland PA 18974 Tel: (215) 357 5705 Fax: (215) 357 5258 Toll Free #: 1 (888) 833 3398

New drawing material with many applications. Unique - can be permanently fixed to any surface that is heated to 250F. Bond is achieved by heat alone, no additional fixatives needed. Also used as an acid resist allowing broad use for printmaking applications. LithoCoal in stick form is 3" long by 1/2" in diameter and individually wrapped. Draws like a medium to soft vine charcoal while giving the rich black mark of a compressed charcoal. Lithocoal in powder form is in 200 gm cans. Powder form may be applied directly to plate or stone or mixed with water or alcohol to create wash. Please ask for a brochure.
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