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6630/6oz. D&S BioLac (replacement for asphaltum & plate lacquers), no petroleum based components, w/ flip top lid. - 6oz. bottle

Superior replacement for Asphaltum and Plate Lacquers. Excellent hard ground for etching. BioLac makes durable lithographic images from drawing materials on stones and plates. Extends image life on press. May all be brushed on as stop-out or hard ground for intaglio plates. Not petroleum based, no hazmat fee.
6631/32oz. D&S BioSolut (replacement for lithotine, mineral spirits, & numerous petroleum based products), w/ flip top lid - 32oz. bottle

Superior replacement for Lithotine, Mineral Spirits, and a numerous petroleum based solvents.
6632/2oz. D&S Posi-Coat (high definition photo coating for litho & a photo resist for etching applications), amber glass dropper bottle - 2oz.

Bursh on, self leveling, high definition photo coating for lithography and Photo Resist for etching applications. Amber glass bottle with eye dropper. High def photo coating for lithographic plates and stones; Photo Resist for Copper, Zinc and Aluminum intaglio plates. Other etch resist applications include circuit boards, jewelry, knifemaking, and glass etching.
6633/32oz. D&S Roller Wash (replaces petroleum based roller washes, no hazardous materials fee) - 32oz. bottle

Roller wash is an excellent replacement for flammable toxic petroleum based washes. A small amount cleans rollers.