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The pigments are chosen for their excellent lightfastness, vibrancy, and low acidity. They are then blended with top-quality oils and finely milled to ensure trouble-free printings and lasting works of art. With a wide range of blacks for various techniques these inks are excellent for all forms of intaglio, lithography and monotype.

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6440/200ml Charbonnel Lemon Yellow, 200ml can $41.30
6440-60ml Charbonnel Lemon Yellow, 60ml tube $16.50
6441/200ml Charbonnel Primrose Yellow, 200ml can $41.30
6441-60ml Charbonnel Primrose Yellow, 60ml tube $16.50
6442/200ml Charbonnel Deep Yellow, 200ml can $36.60
6442-60ml Charbonnel Deep Yellow, 60ml tube $15.35
6443/200ml Charbonnel Apricot Yellow, 200ml can $41.30
6443-60ml Charbonnel Apricot Yellow, 60ml tube $16.50
6466/200ml Charbonnel Perm. Yellow Lake, 200ml can $41.30
6466-60ml Charbonnel Perm. Yellow Lake, 60ml tube $16.50
6467/200ml Charbonnel Indian Yellow, 200ml can $41.30
6467-60ml Charbonnel Indian Yellow, 60ml tube $16.50
6468/200ml Charbonnel Nasturtium Yellow, 200ml can $50.20
6468-60ml Charbonnel Nasturtium Yellow, 60ml tube $18.70
6444/200ml Charbonnel Vermillion Red, 200ml can $41.30
6444-60ml Charbonnel Vermillion Red, 60ml tube $16.50
6445/200ml Charbonnel Warm Red, 200ml can $50.20
6445/60ml Charbonnel Warm Red, 60ml tube $18.70
6446/200ml Charbonnel Cardinal Red, 200ml can $41.30
6446/60ml Charbonnel Cardinal Red, 60ml tube $16.50
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